class baseband_tasks.dispersion.Dedisperse(ih, dm, *, reference_frequency=None, samples_per_frame=None, frequency=None, sideband=None)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: baseband_tasks.dispersion.Disperse

Coherently dedisperse a time stream.

ihtask or baseband stream reader

Input data stream, with time as the first axis.

dmfloat or DispersionMeasure quantity

Dispersion measure. If negative, will disperse correctly, but clearer to use the Disperse class.


Frequency to which the data should be dedispersed. Can be an array. By default, the mean frequency. If one doesn’t want to change the start time, choose the maximum frequency.

samples_per_frameint, optional

Number of dedispersed samples which should be produced in one go. The number of input samples used will be larger to avoid wrapping. If not given, as produced by the minimum power of 2 of input samples that yields at least 75% efficiency.

frequencyQuantity, optional

Frequencies for each channel in ih (channelized frequencies will be calculated). Default: taken from ih (if available).

sidebandarray, optional

Whether frequencies in ih are upper (+1) or lower (-1) sideband. Default: taken from ih (if available).

See also


to select the FFT package used.


for coherent dispersion


for incoherent dedispersion

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