Phase Calculation (baseband_tasks.phases)


The phases module contains classes that help calculate pulsar phases for given times. There is support for polycos and for full pulsar timing solutions (via pint). The purpose of the module is to give these methods a common interface.


Polyco file can be generated by tempo, tempo2, and pint. Due to the different treatment of reference phase, the results between each other may have a constant offset.


baseband_tasks.phases Package


FractionalPhase(angle[, unit, wrap_angle])

Phase without the cycle count, i.e., with a range of 1 cycle.

Phase(phase1[, phase2, copy, subok])

Represent two-part phase.

PintPhase(par_file, observatory, frequency, …)

Helper class for computing pulsar phases using PINT.

Polyco(data, *args, **kwargs)

Read in polyco file as Table, and set up class.


Helper class for computing pulsar phases using polycos.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of baseband_tasks.phases.phase.FractionalPhase, baseband_tasks.phases.phase.Phase, baseband_tasks.phases.core.PintPhase, baseband_tasks.phases.predictor.Polyco, baseband_tasks.phases.core.PolycoPhase

baseband_tasks.phases.pint_toas Module

Utilities for converting times to PINT times of arrival.



PintToas(observatory, frequency, *[, …])

Convert time samples to PINT TOAs using given ephemeris, etc.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of baseband_tasks.phases.pint_toas.PintToas