Base (baseband_tasks.base)

base contains the base classes and functions used by other tasks.


baseband_tasks.base Module


Base(shape, start_time, sample_rate, *[, …])

Base class of all tasks and generators.

BaseTaskBase(ih, *[, start_time, shape, …])

Base for all classes that operate on underlying streams.

SetAttribute(ih, *[, start_time, …])

Wrapper for streams that allows one to set or change attributes.

TaskBase(ih, *[, shape, sample_rate, …])

Base class of all tasks.

Task(ih, task[, method])

Apply a user-supplied callable to a stream.

PaddedTaskBase(ih[, pad_start, pad_end, …])

Base for tasks which need more points than they produce.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of baseband_tasks.base.Base, baseband_tasks.base.BaseTaskBase, baseband_tasks.base.SetAttribute, baseband_tasks.base.TaskBase, baseband_tasks.base.Task, baseband_tasks.base.PaddedTaskBase