psrfits contains interfaces for PSRFITS data.

Reference/API Package


get_readers(hdu_list, **kwargs)

Function to read one PSRFITS file into a list of HDU Readers.

get_writer(filename, hdu, **kwargs)

Function to init a PSRFITS HDU for writing.

open(filename[, mode])

Function to open a PSRFITS file.


HDUWrapper([hdu, verify, hdu_type])

PSRFITSPrimaryHDU([hdu, verify])

Wrapper for PSRFITS primary HDU, providing baseband-style properties.

PSRFITSReader(ih[, frequency, sideband, …])

Wrapper for reading PSRFITS HDUs.

PSRFITSWriter(filename, hdu)

Interface class for writing the PSRFITS HDUs

PSRSubintHDU([hdu, primary_hdu, verify])

Wrapper for PSRFITS SUBINT HDUs, providing baseband-style properties.

SubintHDU([hdu, primary_hdu, verify])

Base for PSRFITS SUBINT HDU wrappers.

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