Welcome to the Baseband documentation! Baseband is a package affiliated with the Astropy project for reading and writing VLBI and other radio baseband files, with the aim of simplifying and streamlining data conversion and standardization. It provides:

  • File input/output objects for supported radio baseband formats, enabling selective decoding of data into Numpy arrays, and encoding user-defined arrays into baseband formats. Supported formats are listed under specific file formats.
  • The ability to read from and write to an ordered sequence of files as if it was a single file.

Specific File Formats

Baseband’s code is subdivided into its supported file formats, and the following sections contain format specifications, usage notes, troubleshooting help and APIs for each.

Core Framework and Utilities

These sections contain APIs and usage notes for the sequential file opener, the API for the set of core utility functions and classes located in vlbi_base, and sample data that come with baseband (mostly used for testing).

Developer Documentation

The developer documentation feature tutorials for supporting new formats or format extensions such as VDIF EDV. It also contains instructions for publishing new code releases.


baseband Package

Radio baseband I/O.


file_info(name[, format]) Get format and other information from a baseband file.
open(name[, mode, format]) Open a baseband file (or sequence of files) for reading or writing.
test(**kwargs) Run the tests for the package.