Supporting a New Format

To support a new format, it may be easiest to start with an existing format that is as similar as possible to the new format, basing classes on those provided in base, in particular VLBIStreamReaderBase.

To connect a new format to the baseband eco-system, it should be in its own module and there should be an open function – and ideally also an info function that checks whether the file is of the right format and collects some basic information. For these, the basebands formats themselves construct callable instances with FileOpener and FileInfo.

If one has constructed a module, it can be made available in baseband by defining an entry point for in setup.cfg, e.g.:

[options.entry_points] =
    hdf5 =

With this, if a user has the package installed, and baseband.file_info() will automatically recognize the format.

Of course, if the format is useful for others, it will definitely be considered for inclusion in baseband proper! More generally, feel free to ask for help by raising an issue on the github page.