Source code for baseband.dada.payload

# Licensed under the GPLv3 - see LICENSE
"""Payload for DADA format."""
from collections import namedtuple

import numpy as np

from ..base.payload import PayloadBase

__all__ = ['DADAPayload']

def decode_8bit(words):
    return words.view(np.int8, np.ndarray).astype(np.float32)

def encode_8bit(values):
    return np.clip(np.rint(values), -128, 127).astype(np.int8)

[docs]class DADAPayload(PayloadBase): """Container for decoding and encoding DADA payloads. Parameters ---------- words : `~numpy.ndarray` Array containg LSB unsigned words (with the right size) that encode the payload. header : `~baseband.dada.DADAHeader` Header that provides information about how the payload is encoded. If not given, the following arguments have to be passed in. bps : int, optional Number of bits per sample part (i.e., per channel and per real or imaginary component). Default: 8. sample_shape : tuple, optional Shape of the samples; e.g., (nchan,). Default: (). complex_data : bool, optional Whether data are complex. Default: `False`. """ _decoders = { 8: decode_8bit} _encoders = { 8: encode_8bit} _memmap = True _sample_shape_maker = namedtuple('SampleShape', 'npol, nchan')